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Hello ALL ARES Group;
Received a phone call from Jay Brackin - W3NUR, Kent County ARES E.C. coordinator at 4:25pm this afternoon.
The KCARC club S.P.A.R. Winter Field Day operation's site for this weekend at John Spicks, KO3I farm has been canceled due to the extreme artic temp's and possible snow shower's this Saturday.
The new site operation's for the KCARC club S.P.A.R. Winter Field Day will be at the Kent County E.O.C. Bldg, this Sat. Jan 25th and Sun. Jan 26th.
KCARC club member's and ARES group volunteer's will be ask to assemble at the E.O.C. Bldg at 11:00 am in morning Sat, Jan. 25th. for briefing and scheduling of operator/logging assignment's.
For those who are interested and want information about the S.P.A.R. Winter Field Day event may access their website: www.spar-hams.org
and look on left hand side of webpage for the activities/contest link and then "click" on that link for your FYI about Winter Field Day.
Should there be additional or further information changes please recheck your email's from ares at kc3arc.org or from announcement's on the club 146.970 repeater.
Information is being provided to you from Jim, K0UWO

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