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Thu Jun 26 21:26:39 EDT 2014

Hello ALL;
Just got off the phone a few minutes ago with Jay Brackin - W3NUR
with the following preliminary club field day activity information.

Friday, June 27th

At approximately 9:30am/10:00am ish Grady, Jay and Jim will be arriving
at the Field Day site for PRE-SETUP activities.
1. Clear out any unnecessary supplies/equipment or thing's out of the
    Emcomm trailer.    Move Emcomm trailer out from inside pole barn out
    into the open for installing of antenna's.  Prepositioning of antenna's 
    support's and mast's. Take inventory of all radio equipment,  accessories, computer's and any supplies that will be needed, etc.

2. Any volunteer's wanting to come to help out need to listen up on 
    our club 146.970 repeater for further information.  If you own a card 
    table and chair's bring them...we may use them if needed.  Bring your
    own bug spray repellant for body use only....we can not spray repellant because this is a working FARM with "honey bee's" near the
pole barn area.

Saturday, June 28th

Field Day Volunteer's and Participant's:
1. Do have a big breakfast before coming to the field day site.

2. There may be a group of field day participant's that may eat out
    at a restaurant  before arriving at field day site...Listen up on the
    club's 146.970 repeater for any action or information about it.

3. All volunteer's and participant's for field day are to arrive at the
    field day site 9:00am..ish to help get pre-setup of antenna support's
    and antenna's, radio equipment setup, computer setup with logging
    program in working order.   It is "bring your own food" for lunch and
    supper and Sunday morning breakfast while at field day site.

ARRL Field Day 2014 starts promptly at 2;00 PM EDT and last continuously for 24 hour's until Sunday, June 29th at 2:00 PM EDT.  And then we can tear down and go home for the remaining weekend.

NOTE: During the last club membership meeting and previous ARES
             meeting's  Jay had sign up sheet's handed out to those who
             signed up to help setup, those who signed up to operate at their
             requested operating times day or night time ops....You should 
             know who you are that had signed up.

Information provided by Jay Brackin - W3NUR  ARES/Field Day Boss.

 Jim, K0UWO...See you all at KC3ARC's ARRL Field Day 2014

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