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Jay could you contact me at cronosdecima at gmail.com or 302-257-8375 I need
to update info and get info on this event I am interested thank you Rob
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> *We only had 5 people sign up for the SET exercise on Sat. 12 Aug! We need
> your help ---it's your club.*
> *We need those members who have provided their info for the RACES/ARES
> callout  phone list to at least be available to answer the phone, [at about
> 0745 hours], then make a call to the next person on the list. This will be
> the first time that we have attempted to exercise the whole list. When you
> have done that, take a minute or two to check into the NET. This should
> take about all of five minutes! Then if you can - hang around for the
> exercise. Most of what will happen will be simulation and may be done right
> from your station. The exercise s not just for those members on the
> phone-tree, ALL members of KCARC are encouraged to participate. The SET
> will last from 0800 to 1600 hours.*
> *73*
> *Jay W3NUR*
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