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Hi All -- 

Here, in the message below, is the latest information I have on the Air Show.  

PLEASE, if you are planning to attend for any part of the weekend let me know ASAP.  So far we have a very small group  planning to participate.  Additional help would be appreciated.  Please indicate which day(s) and at what time you will be able to assist us.  

Please indicate which day(s) and the times you will be able to work with us.  I would like to have enough help so that all of us will be able to spend some time looking around.  These are the participants I am aware of so far:  N3JCP, WB3JUV (Friday), K3LT (Saturday late AM), and KB3PRW.  KC3BTV will be trying to contact us from the West somewhere.

Doug - KB3PRW

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>     Date: August 23, 2017 at 9:03 AM
>     Subject: RE: Dover AFB Open House Set Up
>     Good morning all,
>     Not sure if you all got this last week. There was an attachment on the
>     email before, and it may have exceeded the size limit for many of you to
>     receive it. Below is the information. Long story short, we will be meeting
>     you on 25 and 26 August at the South, Commercial gate, at 0700. The public
>     gates won't open until 0800. Due to the need for inspection, we ask that
>     you show up on time, or slightly early to speed up the process. I am not
>     sure how many others will be coming through the commercial gate since the
>     north gate will be open for the public at 0800, but we are working with 23
>     non-profits, and I know there are other entities that will be coming through
>     that gate in the morning as well. I will have 4 bodies working with signing
>     on and escorting in the morning to get you on and where you need to be. For
>     map information please download the cell phone app on android or apple IOS,
>     "Thunder Over Dover". The non-profit area will be on both sides of the
>     large beer garden, in front of the EMS building.
>     If you have CAC access and would like to come through the main gate, I
>     believe as long as you are not driving a commercial vehicle with a trailer
>     or RV you are able to do so. We ask that you come into the main gate with a
>     CAC and you will take the first three possible right hand turns and park in
>     the Building 310 parking lot.
>     Please answer back to this email with a confirmation that you have received,
>     and the name of your org.
>     Base access: Organizations will be setting up either on the 25 or 26
>     August. All NON-DoD CAC holders must enter through the South Gate on 25-26
>     August @0700 for setup. MSgt Eckert will meet and assist you entering the
>     base whether you're on the access list or not. If you're entering the base
>     with a commercial truck/RV, it's mandatory for all to enter through the
>     south gate for inspection. Since the South Gate is off the highway and most
>     folks will be traveling from the North on Route 1, they will have to pass
>     the base, take the next available exit to turn around and head back toward
>     the South Gate. This takes less than five minutes. Once you've been
>     processed onto the base, you will keep straight and eventually come to the
>     Bergold Farms/Vendor ECP to the flight line; vendor/media route is
>     highlighted on the top map attached. It overlaps with the shuttle route.
>     CAC holders are the only members authorized to enter through the Main Gate
>     and must also enter the flight line through the Bergold Farms/Vendor ECP.
>     Again, if you have a commercial truck/RV, you must enter through the south
>     gate.
>     All personnel driving on base must have a valid driver's license, vehicle
>     registration and insurance. Additionally, all personnel accessing the base
>     must have valid government/state identification.
>     The North Gate will be open to the public starting 26 August @0900.
>     Tent Locations: The non-profit tent area will located in the middle of the
>     crowd area in between the Parachute DZ and EMS/Kid Zone; please see bottom
>     left map attached. Organizations will set up next to each side of the Beer
>     Garden with military recruiters on the left (blue squares) and everyone else
>     on the right (grey squares).
>     Unfortunately, I will not be here during the event and will miss personally
>     meeting everyone. However, MSgt Eckert will be here during the show to
>     assist everyone and I provided his cell phone number below. Contact us if
>     you need anything or have any questions/concerns.
>     MSgt Eckert: 814-594-7580
>     V/r
>     Superintendent, Operations Flight
>     436th Communications Squadron
>     COMM: (302) 677-3103
>     DSN: 445-3103
>     EMAIL: carlos.rodriguez.14 at us.af.mil
>     ADDRESS: 310 Eagle Way
>     Dover AFB, DE 19901
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