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W2PB all three days from 7am until whenever. 

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> On Aug 23, 2017, at 11:21, friends at kc3arc.org wrote:
> Hi All -- 
> Here, in the message below, is the latest information I have on the Air Show.  
> PLEASE, if you are planning to attend for any part of the weekend let me know ASAP.  So far we have a very small group  planning to participate.  Additional help would be appreciated.  Please indicate which day(s) and at what time you will be able to assist us.  
> Please indicate which day(s) and the times you will be able to work with us.  I would like to have enough help so that all of us will be able to spend some time looking around.  These are the participants I am aware of so far:  N3JCP, WB3JUV (Friday), K3LT (Saturday late AM), and KB3PRW.  KC3BTV will be trying to contact us from the West somewhere.
> 73
> Doug - KB3PRW
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> Date: August 23, 2017 at 9:03 AM
> Subject: RE: Dover AFB Open House Set Up
> Good morning all,
> Not sure if you all got this last week. There was an attachment on the
> email before, and it may have exceeded the size limit for many of you to
> receive it. Below is the information. Long story short, we will be meeting
> you on 25 and 26 August at the South, Commercial gate, at 0700. The public
> gates won't open until 0800. Due to the need for inspection, we ask that
> you show up on time, or slightly early to speed up the process. I am not
> sure how many others will be coming through the commercial gate since the
> north gate will be open for the public at 0800, but we are working with 23
> non-profits, and I know there are other entities that will be coming through
> that gate in the morning as well. I will have 4 bodies working with signing
> on and escorting in the morning to get you on and where you need to be. For
> map information please download the cell phone app on android or apple IOS,
> "Thunder Over Dover". The non-profit area will be on both sides of the
> large beer garden, in front of the EMS building.
> If you have CAC access and would like to come through the main gate, I
> believe as long as you are not driving a commercial vehicle with a trailer
> or RV you are able to do so. We ask that you come into the main gate with a
> CAC and you will take the first three possible right hand turns and park in
> the Building 310 parking lot.
> Please answer back to this email with a confirmation that you have received,
> and the name of your org.
> Base access: Organizations will be setting up either on the 25 or 26
> August. All NON-DoD CAC holders must enter through the South Gate on 25-26
> August @0700 for setup. MSgt Eckert will meet and assist you entering the
> base whether you're on the access list or not. If you're entering the base
> with a commercial truck/RV, it's mandatory for all to enter through the
> south gate for inspection. Since the South Gate is off the highway and most
> folks will be traveling from the North on Route 1, they will have to pass
> the base, take the next available exit to turn around and head back toward
> the South Gate. This takes less than five minutes. Once you've been
> processed onto the base, you will keep straight and eventually come to the
> Bergold Farms/Vendor ECP to the flight line; vendor/media route is
> highlighted on the top map attached. It overlaps with the shuttle route.
> CAC holders are the only members authorized to enter through the Main Gate
> and must also enter the flight line through the Bergold Farms/Vendor ECP.
> Again, if you have a commercial truck/RV, you must enter through the south
> gate.
> All personnel driving on base must have a valid driver's license, vehicle
> registration and insurance. Additionally, all personnel accessing the base
> must have valid government/state identification.
> The North Gate will be open to the public starting 26 August @0900.
> Tent Locations: The non-profit tent area will located in the middle of the
> crowd area in between the Parachute DZ and EMS/Kid Zone; please see bottom
> left map attached. Organizations will set up next to each side of the Beer
> Garden with military recruiters on the left (blue squares) and everyone else
> on the right (grey squares).
> Unfortunately, I will not be here during the event and will miss personally
> meeting everyone. However, MSgt Eckert will be here during the show to
> assist everyone and I provided his cell phone number below. Contact us if
> you need anything or have any questions/concerns.
> MSgt Eckert: 814-594-7580
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