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Diane;  I will be bringing a bowl of broccoli and cheese  casserole.  
Sandy Laws, KA3PJP
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I will bring chicken 

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Good Evening Everyone,  

Since I’m in charge of the food, this is my  understanding from last nights 
meeting.  Field Day will be held at the  EOC.  I will be setting up the 
conference room with the  food.

Everyone will be in charge of their own  breakfast on Sunday, on Saturday, 
we will meet at Hollywood dinner at time to  be determined by Jay.

For lunch on Saturday,  I will be  ordering a hero sandwich and some 
salads.  Cost will be divided among the  people attending,  I know I saw a signup 
sheet going around at the  meeting, who ever has it can you tell me how many 
people we are expecting on  Saturday so I can order the hero.   If you were 
not at the meeting can  you please let me know if you are coming for lunch 
on Saturday.

I will have a coffee pot going and water.  If you want anything else to 
drink please bring it with  you.

For dinner we will be doing a pot luck.  So far, I know there will be 
chili, mac and cheese,  and  chicken. 

Sunday lunch will be  leftovers.

Please get back to me on what your  contribution.

Looking forward to seeing  everyone.


Diane, KB3SVU


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