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Hi All - - 
 Do you want to have some real fun?  Next weekend-the 21st and 22nd of April could be a Ham Radio Doubleheader-the Hamfest on Saturday followed by the CoDel races on Sunday! 

Think about the possibilities...you could pick up a great bargain on a used, or new, radio on Saturday and then get to put it to the test on Sunday! 

Whether you have a new radio to test, or not, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED on Sunday the 22nd.  Jerry-N3KRX has asked you, I-KB3PRW have asked you, and at our last club meeting John-K3PFW came and asked you to help.  You could work the race and be back home before 3:00 and still have plenty of time to enjoy a BBQ with your family.  

If you have never done anything like this John will be glad to partner you with an experienced operator so that you can learn without feeling undue pressure.  Try it; it really is a lot of fun!


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