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Hi All -- 

Some of you may get multiple copies of this message because you are on both lists; if that's the case my apologies-but better two than none.  

Here is the tentative schedule for set-up and operations for Winter Field Day (WFD) 2018:

* Friday 26 JAN 2018 meet at the EOC trailer parking lot by 0900 to begin set-up/preparations
     Move trailer and generator 
        Find necessary extension cords, adaptors, and grounding devices
        Test to make sure everything works together 

     Locate and test a space heater for the trailer 
         Is one enough? Will circuit support two?

     Determine which antennas will be used and where each will be set-up 
         Locate appropriate coax and connectors/adaptors 
     Find laptop computers 
          Verify power cords and any other needed cables are available and working
          Test logging program
           Find clipboards, log sheets, pencils/pens, and scrap paper for logger's & operator's note-taking

     Ensure at least one copy of WFD 2018 Rules is available in the trailer for reference

     Determine which radios will be used at each operating location
         Consider exercising radios from Go Kits.  (They have not been used for a while-do they still work?)  

* Saturday 27 JAN 2018 meet at Hollywood Diner at 0700 for breakfast (If you are coming for breakfast please notify Doug-KB3PRW by e-mail or phone)
  or at the EOC trailer parking by 0800 to continue WFD preparations/set-up

     Put up Field Day and Field Day Parking directional signs
     Start up generator and set up extension cords, adaptors, and grounding devices
     Install and test antennas and transmission lines 
         Are guy lines needed?

     Install any necessary safety/visibility marking on guy lines, power cords, etc. 
     Complete any other jobs necessary to be ready to get-on-the-air at 1400 local time
     Be sure assistance is provided to the folks setting up inside for food/beverages 

*1200 is lunch on-your-own.  If you leave please be back NLT 1330!

*1400 ON-THE-AIR 

Doug - KB3PRW
CovertOps1924 at comcast.net

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from
heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
2 Chron 7:14
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