Getting the Most From This Website


This is a highly interactive and complex website.  It has several unique and valuable features.  It would serve you well to get instructions on how to get the most from this website.  Hence we offer these guidelines,


  1. This is a partially restricted website.  While it is open to public use, certain parts of the website are not meant for the public and can only be seen by registered and approved users.
  2. This is a security redundant website.
  3. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  Violators will not be accepted, and harsh penalties apply.
  4. This website uses a hierarchal structure. While there are major index items, some items have sub items with additional information.  Do not skip over the major index items simply because they have sub items.
  5. Each page has a “last updated” annotation. We shall endeavor to keep this page relevant and current.
  6. Certain pages utilize outside sites. Please be sure to have your Anti-Virus and Malware protection systems up to date.
  7. In addition, this site utilizes outside websites such as “Yahoo Groups.” Our Privacy Policies and Terms of Service apply to these websites as well in addition to whatever similar policies may be adopted by these outside vendors.
  8. In the near future this website will be protected by an SSL certificate. Please do not make any financial transactions with this site until the SSL is in place.  You will see indicia when this certificate is in place.
  9. This website reserves the right to make and adopt any policies in the future as necessary.
  10. The use of this website is based on the principle of caveat emptor.



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