This is our donation page.  This is where you can help us help you and you neighbors.  We hope you will support our public service mission of providing communication infrastructure in time of national and local emergency.

Good news:  Our site has been vetted by Dun and Bradstreet and we are registered with them. We now have a high assurance SSL, Organizational Validated, protection from Comodo. We are working on getting PayPro, a very secure means for conducting transactions. 

We are still working on our 501c3 Tax Exempt status.  However you can donate if you please.

All this for your safety and trust  

Take a Look at these Interesting Facts

Average Costs for a new UHF/VHF Radio is $350This is the most commonly used radio in emergency service
The cost of a UHF/VHF antenna for a building is $150There is a difference between mobile and base station antennas
The cost of a VHF/UHF mobile antenna is about $100Most Operators have both Mobile and Base station Radios
To communicate intercontinentally requires a High Frequency (HF) RadioThe average HF radio costs $2000. This does not include antennas and peripheral equipment.
In 2017, The American Red Cross recruited 50 Radio Operators to help in Puerto Rico
Each member of a team is responsible for purchasing their own equipment. This could run into thousands of dollars



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