Our First Edition – Working Our QSTs

The first edition of our rag sheet was published on September 1.  The mail subscription was low.  However, printed copies were also published.  The rag sheet generated a lot of interest and discussion.  This was all healthy.

The rag sheet had five articles about different activities in August.  We intend to do the same for September.

Did you know if you miss the published editions you can always find a copy in our archives?

For our archives


Working Our QSTs

While we expect our newsletter, Short Circuits, will continue to do all the heavy lifting for the club, we wanted to provide a lighthearted and more friendly voice for the General Public.

We hope this rag sheet will offer more general stories about our activities, our public service events, and community events. We want to enlighten you but more excite you about Amateur Radio. We want you to join us in this new and growing hobby.

It is hard to describe the satisfying feeling of passing your FCC licensing exams.  Even more fun is talking to the people you can around the globe.  Mark your calendars for our next testing class, then the dream begins.

Let’s make this an interactive experience.  If you have any questions or comments about any of our posts, please do not hesitate to post. I think you will enjoy our comment structure as well.

You can expect this rag sheet to come out about once a month.  It will be sent directly to your email account once you sign up.  Sign up is easy, just name and email address.  A form will appear shortly, if not already. Well, let’s get to reading and posting.