M2M Comm

We love Radio!!!  However we all know Radio has its limitations,  We need mediums that can get us instantaneous and private transfers of information.  This page has built that structure.

We offer three forms of secure electronic means of instant communication.

The first is our new Bulletin Board.  It is hosted within the redundantly secured structure of this website.  The Bulletin Board is password protected and membership driven.  So it is virtually impregnable to probing eyes.

The next system is the Yahoo Group, KC3ARC,  this is a membership group hosted by the Yahoo system.  We do have a  group there for club use.

Last, but not least, we have the “Friends” E Mail List.  I encourage you to use these systems.  They are there for you.

NOTE:  The “Friends List” will be shut down in 6 days.  It is being replaced by our Bulletin Board on the website.

Second hand communication often leads to second hand knowledge.  We can do better!!

Coming Soon, Person to Person (P2P) Private Messaging. built right into our current infrastructure.  Won’t be long before we have the most state of the art website out there.


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