Short Circuits

This is our recognized and accepted news journal of club activities over the past month.  As such, it serves as not only a news source but also the minutes of our formal meetings.  The latter makes it less appropriate for distribution to the General Public.  It is none the less the go-to source for past history in our club.  Accordingly, we make past editions available for reference and historical purposes.

Behold the current rag sheet for the general public is Working Our QSTs.  Want to see how HAMs are relevant to your community?  Want to see how HAMS are a safe and educational hobby?  Want to see how HAMS serve in times of national and local emergencies? Read our “Working Our QSTs”  We want to ensure you are fully aware of what we do, why we do it, and that we are in your backyards.

So, all editions of Short Circuits will be maintained here as a .pdf download.  Between the two you should be fully informed about the happenings at KCARC but more importantly better informed about radio science in general.  Avail yourself of these references as often as you like.

Short Circuits

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